Anyhow Have a Durrie.

Anyhow Have a Durrie.

I hate smoking with a passion. I started when I was too young to know better, because I had seen that tough guy detective types and bad girls smoked fags, darts, burners, cancer sticks and Durries.

I’m a chipper reformed smoker now and I have a new online magazine called Durrie. I am reclaiming the word Durrie back from the ghettos of the English language and bringing it to a place where it can bloom like a butterfly and be reborn as a gritty hybrid mag. So Cool.

Durrie Magazine is in response to all the new age bullshit that has permeated every facet of our online lives. Mindless memes and self congratulatory bullshit. I know a tonne of amazing people but I’m yet to meet a Mozart, Steinbeck or Plath amongst our bunch.

Just because the world says that we are special doesn’t make it so. I would give the human race a B for effort (if being generous). Durrie is going to be our reality check.


We need a Durrie as a planetary defence mechanism. A yang to the abundance of yin that is everywhere around us if eastern philosophy is your thing.

Sound good? Well stay tuned for so so features such as:

  • Depressing Horoscopes
  • Film Reviews
  • Stories about homeless people
  • Drunk poetry
  • Worlds worst drawing competition

The mandate is pretty broad but I promise you it will not be a total cavalcade of negativity. It’s just gonna be honest and free writing with a bit of heart.

If you want to write or contribute to Durrie please email: for more info.